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What is Porbeagle?

A feature, animated drama/thriller film.

What is it about?

Without being too plot specific…

It’s about… how our life is how we perceive it and how the main character struggles to maintain his life as it was/is, at any cost, however irremediable it may seem.

That’s the overall theme… Which is wrapped in, I guess it’s like a mystery.

What does ‘Porbeagle’ mean?

Well, a ‘Porbeagle’ is a type of shark belonging to the Lamnidae (Mackerel) family. I like the word ‘Porbeagle’, how it looks, how it sounds. The name relates to one of the locations in the film. It is not in anyway a shark-movie, hence the ‘working title’ moniker. The name, will most likely eventually change to something that is more in-keeping with the story or themes.

Who’s involved?

Krystian Morgan (myself) – Director, Writer, Animation, Music

Current Cast:
Steve Speirs – Ryan
Laura Bridgwater – Jean


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